BconsciousU Tune-Up Session - $125 

  • One sixty-minute session
  • Designed to help you re-align yourself on what you want to create in your life!

BconsciousU Life Mission Package - $650

  • Six sixty-minute sessions
  • ​Create a Life Mission Statement based on your values
  • ​Learn to release limited beliefs that may be hindering you from achieving your Life's Mission 
  • ​Create a Plan of Action to manifest your mission
  • ​Email support between sessions
  • ​Access to Tools and Assessments

​​ BconsciousU Initial Session  $150

  • Ninety-minute session 

BconsciousU Unstoppable Package - $875
  • Eight sixty-minute sessions
  • ​Combines both the Balance and Life Mission Packages
  • ​Relationship Coaching
  • ​You will create empowered relationships
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to Tools and Assessments

BconsciousU Balance Package - $450

  • ​Four sixty-minute sessions
  • ​Learn how to release negative, self - limiting beliefs
  • ​Discover more positives in how you view yourself, others and life
  • ​Email support between sessions
  • Access to Tools and Assessments

Individual Meditation Session(s)

  • Sixty minute Private session or Group
  • Learn different techniques includes to enhance your practice
  • Contact Beth for pricing.