" I first met Beth Dewey at a guided meditation class, and was instantly drawn to her openness and joy.  She brings integrity and authenticity to every interaction, from personal friendships, to coaching sessions, to leading groups and working with professional organizations.  As a Life Coach, Beth is highly intuitive, often having a feeling about something before I speak it.  She is gentle in her questions leading me to my own answers; this is balanced by a compassionate toughness, challenging habits and actions that do not serve my highest good.  Well-read and researched, Beth uses a wealth of information and processes to lead me to a greater understanding of myself, and in putting together my plan for forward movement.  Beth has been an integral component of my wellness plan. "

​KATHRYN GRACE BORDEN   Mom, Singer/Musician, Child Specialist

" My life coaching experience with Beth Dewey has been a life -changing journey for me. Thanks to her assistance I have been more motivated to change personal aspects of my life. Working with Beth has brought me to a state of balance in my life with certain circumstances that were holding me back from discovering what I wanted to do with my life. Since I have been working with Beth I have transformed into someone that truly loves herself, and become more confident in my skin.  I have been able to forgive individuals in my life and taken a deeper look in myself. The process has been a blessing, I find it hard to believe sometimes when I look in the mirror that the person I see is myself. My children and I understand each other better, I'm able to communicate my ex-spouse in a friendly level, I figured out career changes I wanted to do with my life, and finally I'm more confident in the dating scene. Processing life and making changes haven't come by easy, but having Beth by my side has made them less complicated and easier to cope with. She is a compassionate, kind, sincere, honest, open-minded, and tough coach when needed. I'm fortunate to have met her and blessed I'm able to work with her. "


​" I had to the opportunity to experience a series of coaching sessions with Beth.  She was extremely intuitive about helping me to identify what was getting in the way of me moving forward in the growth of my business as well as my personal life.  I looked forward to our sessions, as her approach was always supportive and compassionate.  She walked me through processes that were effective in creating shifts towards a more productive and successful life.  My work with her propelled me into my next career path, and I know this would not have happened without her compassionate and intuitive guidance.  I would highly recommend Beth's coaching services. " 

​BANI AELLO Meditator/Teacher/Yoga Instructor

" Beth is Brilliant!!  She is a loving, compassionate, innovative compass for any path you are on!!!! " 

​CHRISTINA SLUMAN     Acupuncturist

​​​" Over the last decade I have experienced Beth Dewey through several journeys of self-growth that we both were traveling.  I still didn't really know too much about this exuberant self-fulfilled woman, but liked her energy none-the-less.  It wasn't until I went through a life change that I felt compelled to approach her on a more personal/professional level.  I felt almost immediately that I had gained a friend, and confidante.  Someone who listened and understood, and not only empathized with my struggles but also had a plethora of techniques and tools to share willingly to empower me to help myself.  Working with Beth has been a blessing.  Her experience, insight and ever-evolving nature continue to offer me all that I need to overcome any challenge!  She is truly fulfilling her life purpose through this work. "

JUANITA SANFORD-BARONE    Multi Media Designer

" I was aware of my negative thoughts and behaviors but never knew why I had them.
Beth's Source Wounds workshop was the key that unlocked that door. Her customized guided meditation allowed me to heal and manage those self-defeating thoughts. "

BRIEN GARDNER   Associate Vineyard Manager/Fearless Explorer/Philanthro

" I have known Beth since 2013.  She has guided me through many inner personal situations.  Her brand of  'You Already have all the Answers' coaching has been very insightful.   I now have a greater sense of self-worth, and that I do matter, and everything I commit to has meaning!!! "

​WILL AUER   Maintenance Worker/Busser